Who doesn’t love a great advertisement poster? The bright colors, the crisp text, the glossy finish. They are an excellent way to get your message out there in a highly visual manner. But what makes for a good poster design? Most advertisers will tell you that you should go for an attractive poster if you’re trying to pass a message across.

But why do advertisers create attractive posters? And how can you improve your poster design so that it is more effective? In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why advertisers create attractive posters and how you can do better!

To Get the Audience’s Attention

Let’s face it; no one will pay attention to your poster if it is not visually appealing. People are drawn more easily towards attractive posters than boring ones. And once you get their attention, you have a better chance at making them read through your content!

To Communicate Your Message More Effectively

Your poster is a way of communicating your message to the audience. And you can’t communicate anything if no one pays attention! If your design isn’t attractive, it will be almost impossible for people to look at it long enough to understand what you are trying to say. Besides, they won’t take any action or remember much about it later on.

Advertisers understand this all too well. This is why they put a lot of effort into creating the best posters they can.

In fact, as a poster designer myself, I have come up with the 9 worst mistakes movie poster artists and designers make. 

Attract a Specific Audience

Advertisers also understand that they need to attract a specific audience with their ads. A decent poster design will make your ad more effective than an average one because it has the power of attracting people who typically fall into that target group.

For instance, if you’re targeting teens, you want to design a poster corresponding to their age and interest. Advertisers can take this even further by designing posters aimed at specific groups of teens, such as preteens or jocks.

Encourage an Active Response

Another reason advertisers don’t leave any stone unturned when designing their posters is that they know that the design has to encourage an active response.

If you want your customers or clients to take action, they must see right away what this reaction should be and how exactly it will benefit them. 

For example, if you’re promoting a movie poster with Brad Pitt on it, it’s not enough to have a stunning picture of the movie star. You should also encourage viewers to watch the movie.

Source: Cambrian Printers

It Creates a Good First Impression

Advertisers also go out of their way to ensure that their posters are aesthetically appealing because they know how much potential customers will judge them based on these visual designs.

A poster is the first thing people see when walking into a store or even browsing online, so the designs need to capture attention if you want your company to stand out.

How Could the Poster Be More Attractive?

So, you’ve started a business, or you want to promote an event, but you’re stuck on how to make your posters more attractive than what’s already out there? You might want to keep these tips in mind:

Add Vibrant Colors and Bold Text to Attract Attention

A poster with large letters and bright hues is bound to catch people’s eyes, which will grab their attention. However, don’t overdo it. A little bit of color is enough to make an impact.

Use Appropriate Typography

Type is HUGE in poster design and it needs to be used correctly. Pick a font that has to do with your product. For example, I’m not going to use a Serif font on a poster promoting basketball shoes. I would use a San Serif in this situation.

I highly recommend reading these three articles on typography:

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  3. 6 Most Important Typography Principles | Movie Posters

Give the Poster a Theme and Stick With It

A poster with a theme will quickly catch people’s attention and help them remember it for longer than just one glance. So, pick something that sticks out, like neon colors or nighttime scenery. Then, once you’ve chosen your design idea, stick with it throughout the poster.

Be Creative with How You Customize Your Designs 

Each poster design should be creative, even if it’s for different events or specials that the company is having at one time. If you’re not artistic or don’t have an eye for design, consider using a graphic designer to put your ideas and concepts into a visual.


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Wrapping Up

Attractive posters go a long way in branding, generating sales for advertising companies, and can also be eye-catching for customers. If you’re planning to create a poster, consider all the elements from your design to your colors before choosing a final design.

It is also advised to create a few different variations, known as Alts, and then pick the one that is most appealing and appropriate for your brand, business, or movie.

Most importantly, remember your target audience to make sure you design an attractive poster that appeals to them.

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