Non fungible tokens, or NFTs, have made their way into mainstream media, no doubt. By now, you have probably heard of different celebrities who have decided to invest in digital art pieces and have made thousands and even millions of dollars in doing so. 

You might be thinking of buying an NFT or perhaps already own one, but you are unsure of what you could do with it once it is yours. Keep reading to find out about the best places where you can show off your NFT collection. 


Showtime is a website that allows you to display your NFT art, and it also allows you to like and comment on other people’s NFTs. This website is very similar to other social media platforms. Showtime uses a similar design and format to Instagram.

Basically, you can follow other people and keep up with their NFT collection. 

If you are familiar with Instagram, you will have no problem understanding how Showtime works. One characteristic that makes Showtime unique is the fact that it requires its users to connect their crypto wallet before they can begin to display their art. 

If you are new to Crypto Wallets, this article will help you: Top 9 Crypto Wallets to Buy and Collect NFT Art.

Thanks to this feature, the art displayed on a person’s profile must be owned by them, and this eliminates the worry that an NFT displayed is fake, a Copy Cat NFT or not being displayed by its rightful owner. 

Please note there are ways to look for and verify ownership of NFTs. This article shows how: How to Check the Ownership of an NFT (7 Methods)

Showtime ensures that the art you see on a person’s profile is linked to their Opensea account, a marketplace for NFTs. This is what makes Showtime different from simply using Instagram but still displaying the work in a comfortable and recognizable way to most people.

Additionally, Showtime offers the option to directly bid on NFT art that you see on another person’s profile. All art displayed on Showtime has a direct link to the Opensea listing of the NFT. By following the link, you will see what other bids the NFT has, and you’ll be able to place your own bid to possibly purchase the piece. 



Lazy is an NFT art gallery that is currently in its Beta version. Despite not being fully developed, it is a very promising project because it was launched by Mark Cuban. This NFT art gallery provides a straightforward way to display your NFT art. As of right now, Lazy doesn’t have any special features or characteristics like some of the other places on this list.

Lazy offers a very simple, or lazy, way of displaying your NFT. All you need to do is connect your crypto wallet, and put it up for display. Aside from having a link to the OpenSea marketplace, there are no other features. 

Since Lazy is at a very early stage of its development, it is hard to argue that it is the best place to display NFT art. It currently lacks features that other websites have that make the experience of displaying your NFT art more entertaining and fun.  

What does Lazy have going for it? It’s a good website because it was launched by someone famous and business savvy which could mean that Lazy will pass some of the other websites on this list as the best place to show off your NFT collection.

Keep an eye out in the future to see what this promising website has in store. 


OpenSea is the biggest marketplace for displaying NFT art. In addition to being one of the biggest marketplaces for NFTs, it is also one of the best places to display your NFT collection.

Whenever you purchase an NFT on OpenSea, it is automatically displayed on your profile for others to see. 

The fact that it is the largest marketplace for NFTs as of today makes OpenSea a top choice for displaying your NFT collection. A remarkable feature about OpenSea is the fact that you can look up projects you might be interested in buying, and it also allows you to look people up by their account name. 

If you are looking for a place where you can buy NFTs as well as keep up with your friends’ collection, then OpenSea might be the place for you.

Essentially, it provides a combination of a marketplace with the ability to follow other people and keep up with new upcoming projects. 

If you are interested in the NFT space but don’t own one yourself (by now, you should, you can even buy them with your credit card!), OpenSea is still a fun website to explore. You can look at the top bid section to find a list of the highest current bids on NFTs. You can also click on the bidder’s profile to look at their stunning collections. 

OpenSea is a complete website that allows you to take a look into the NFT world without having to participate in it. For those of you that have purchased NFTs on other websites and are looking for a place to display them, OpenSea is an excellent option to choose. 

Sothebys GAllery Decentraland
The Sothebys Gallery in Decentraland


Decentraland is a virtual reality game built on the blockchain. Users can buy virtual land and NFT art using the MANA coin. Users can explore the virtual reality world while displaying their NFT art and browsing the collections of others. 

Decentraland is already one of the top destinations for top NFT collectors and creators. It can be expensive to buy your first patch of land to display your NFT art, but once you do, the process of displaying it is pretty simple.

If you are someone who has a deep interest in NFTs and their space, then Decentraland might be the place for you. It offers its users the opportunity to dive deep into the virtual reality world and the world of digital art. 

Some of the top NFT creators and collectors often hold events where they display their projects and bid on them. These events occur in virtual museums within the game, making it a very cool experience. 

Perhaps the coolest fact about Decentraland is that its users run it. The most critical decisions and smart contracts are controlled by the DAO, which stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” This means that the most important decisions in this virtual reality world are made by those the decision affects. 

Aside from being able to display your NFT collection, Decentraland also allows you to build and create your own NFT projects. Their building tool provides you the opportunity of creating and potentially selling your own NFT. 

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Similar to Decentraland, Cryptovoxels is also a virtual reality world where users can buy land, trade tokens, display, and sell NFTs. It is also run by its users. Cryptovoxels runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it very reliable. 

All of the NFT art that you see in Cryptovoxels has a quick link where you can view the live listing of the art piece and place a bid on it. Each art piece has a small plaque that gives some background information on the piece and shows the price. This makes it a convenient place to do NFT business.

Cryptovoxels is more focused on displaying and selling NFTs than Decentraland, which aims to create a more complete virtual world. Both of these websites give users the option to buy and trade clothes and other accessories that users can wear in their virtual world. 

A cool feature that Cryptovoxels has is that it has a chat feature where you can talk to other people in the game. This allows you to look at an art piece and talk about it with the person next to you.

The opportunity to socialize with other people around you as you browse NFT projects is a fascinating feature. 


Spatial is a website that allows you to create your own virtual reality room where you can showcase your NFT collection. Here you can create your own virtual character to play as you. You can use this website on a computer, iPhone, or Android. 

Spatial gives its users a fun experience by allowing them to write on things, edit them, etc., all with the movements of their hands. You don’t need to have an expensive virtual reality headset; you can use a webcam to display your NFTs. 

If you don’t want to have to scribble a painting or create an NFT with your hands, you can upload videos, pdfs, and 3d and 2d models. You also have the option to talk to other people next to you by using the microphone on your device. You can browse massive galleries, like the OpenSea gallery, with a friend while talking to each other. 

Spatial makes it easy for you to work with others to create your own gallery and projects while also allowing anyone to visit your NFT gallery.

If you like to work with others on big projects, you should consider looking into Spatial. 

pixlr genesis

Pixlr Genesis

This website set to launch in 2022 is a very promising project. Its goal is to become the largest NFT museum globally to match famous real-life museums such as the Louvre. Beginning in December, visitors will be able to bid on 2,000 art pieces as the website prepares for launch. 

Pixlr Genesis plans to sell 10,000 art pieces in five different phases to refresh its art collection. With the purchase of one of these art pieces, you can choose if you want to display it in the museum or not. Only NFTs purchased on the site can be displayed in the museum.  

Some exciting features that Pixlr Genesis provides are the ability to gain premium access to new project release dates and exclusive collections. The 10,000 members of the Pixlr Genesis community will hold special rewards for their investment in the original 10,000 pieces. 

Additionally, a new NFT will be created every six months to represent the 10,000 pieces that are displayed by its members. Here, you will have the opportunity to directly impact the NFT community based on the art you choose to display.

The downside of Pixlr Genesis is that all of its excellent benefits will only be available to those who purchase one of the 10,000 art pieces they release. Despite being a fascinating project, it will likely be very limited to people who can spend large amounts of money on NFTs.


This website is very similar to Spatial in the way that they both create a virtual reality experience for their users. 

Cyber allows owners and creators of NFTs to create their own experiences for other people to see their art. And if you choose one of the experiences, you will be launched into a 3D virtual reality world built specifically to show off your NFTs. 

Cyber allows its users to get creative in the way that they create their NFT viewing experiences. This makes it very entertaining to view other people’s collections as well as create your own. The freedom that creators have in the creation of their experiences makes this an enjoyable website to visit, even if you don’t own any NFTs to display just yet.

Similar to Showtime, Cyber also has a feature that ensures that the person that is displaying the NFT is either the owner or the creator of it. This makes sure that no one can display an NFT that isn’t theirs. 

Final Thoughts

As you might have realized, there are many different options for you to choose from when it comes to displaying your NFT art. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer to where you should go. Each website on this list has its pros and cons that might make you choose them over their competitors.

And if you don’t see the website of your dreams just yet, it’s okay to sit back and wait a bit. This is because many projects are still in development, and you never know when a new one will be announced. Rest assured, no matter what you decide to do; you will find your perfect NFT gallery soon! 

Plus, if by now you haven’t figured out that NFTs are here to stay, you may need to consider reading this: 10 Reasons Why NFTs Will Change the World. That article will point out NFT potentials you have probably never heard of. Have fun out there!


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