Akira Inspired Movie Posters

At Poster Grind, we are lucky enough to get the inaugural release of two very amazing and well-done pieces of Akira 2020 IMAX fan art from artist and movie poster art director Jeff Stevens. Jeff is a legend within the movie poster industry and a friend and contributor of Poster Creatives.

As you can see with his execution and creativity, he knows what he is doing. Jeff has been making movie posters for over a decade and when he has free time loves to add his own inspired pieces for the fan world.

Follow Jeff on Instagram or check out his website JeffStevensArt.com to see more amazing artwork and not just poster design but beautifully executed fine art.

Akira IMAX 2020 Poster #1


Akira IMAX 2020 Poster #2


IMAX teams up with Akira

What’s the deal with this new 2020 release of Akira?

If you are a huge fan of science fiction Akira, you have to be excited about this re-release. The original film was launched all the way back in 1988, and so you can imagine that the film quality and sound is in no way up to the expectations and quality of 2020.

That’s why the film has been remastered and upgraded to 4K quality. The sound has also been enhanced and improved. If you are able to see this on a large IMAX screen along with their sound system, it’s going to blow you away!

Akira Moto

New to Akira?

If you are new to this science fiction, we got you covered. Here are the basics and things you should know to get caught up to speed. The movie is based on a graphic novel titled the same name “AKIRA” by Katsuhiro Otomo. Mr. Otomo also directed the animation.

What’s it about?

Here’s the plot according to IMDB, “2019. 31 years after being destroyed during World War 3, Tokyo (now ‘Neo-Tokyo’) has been rebuilt and is a thriving metropolis. Shotaro Kaneda is the leader of a biker gang. His friend Tetsuo is injured in an accident and taken to a top-secret government facility. He develops telekinetic powers but decides to use them for evil rather than good. He has the same powers as Akira, the force that destroyed Tokyo in 1988, and now it appears that history will repeat itself.”

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