NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are currently all the rage in the art world. Now you can own your favorite piece of digital art and then you can use it as you please (for the most part, with strings attached). But does this mean you can post it on your Instagram?

While you can post your NFT on your Instagram page, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, so you may find you are better off posting your NFT on a different platform. Several platforms make it easy to post and share your NFT.

Thinking about sprucing up your Instagram account by posting several of the NFTs you own? Read on before you do to be sure you understand all the pros and cons of posting your NFT to Instagram. 

Disclosure: I need to disclose that I am not an attorney and the following is not legal advice. As you can imagine, there are plenty of copyright issues that may arise with NFTs. If you need legal advice seek out a qualified attorney.

Can You Post Your NFT to Instagram?

The short answer is yes; it is very easy to post your NFT to Instagram. However, the platform is not currently outfitted for this capability, meaning you’ll have to execute a few steps to get your NFT from the platform where you bought it to your computer and subsequently to your Instagram account to upload. 

In the future, Meta, the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram, plans to integrate NFT capabilities into its applications. This will include blockchain technology integration on both apps. This hasn’t happened yet, however, so you’ll be jumping through hoops if you want to post your NFT to your Instagram account.

When You Post an NFT to Instagram, Are You Giving Away Ownership?

If you read Instagram and Facebook’s user agreement, you are familiar with the clause that insinuates that the company owns a small portion of all the photos you upload to the site and can use them as they please. They also claim to own your username. 

This is a legal gray area regarding the photos you take and edit using the app. What I have found is that when it comes to NFTS, this does not apply. Therefore any NFT image you upload to Instagram is yours and yours alone.

Instagram can share your image as part of their own promotion; however, they cannot claim any ownership to your NFT.

Most NFTs are certified by the Ethereum blockchain they are made on. Of course, numerous other blockchains support NFTs, like Cardano and Solana. The only way Instagram or Facebook could have partial ownership of your NFT is if you sold them partial ownership using the Ethereum blockchain or whichever blockchain you used to purchase the NFT. 

Should You Post Your NFT to Instagram?

Although you can post your NFT to Instagram, it is not advised. This is because the platform is not currently outfitted for the proper display of NFTs. Thus, when you post it, it could lose some of its original element in resizing or trimming performed automatically by the app.

Several platforms are specifically outfitted to display NFT art. You should use one of these platforms to create a gallery of your NFT pieces. This will make it easier to display them, and if you want to sell them later, you can typically do so through the site where it is displayed. 

If you are curious where you can display your NFT collection check out this article: 8 Best Online Places to Show Off Your NFT Art.

NFT on Instagram

Can Someone Screenshot My NFT on Instagram?

Keep in mind that someone can always make a screenshot copy of your NFT and use the screenshot as they please. While you still technically own the work, there is no way to prevent screenshotting, and Instagram makes it easier for this to occur.

Even if you use a platform that is not Instagram, there is no guarantee that someone won’t screenshot your NFT. It is simply a risk you take by posting it, no matter what the location. 

Because there is a heavy amount of fraud and scammers in the NFT space platforms are taking a proactive stance on reducing the number of copycat con artists.

Where Should I Post My NFT?

Currently, there are multiple locations to display your NFT online. Here are a few examples of platforms that are geared to showcase NFTs.

Check out the full list in this post.

Can You Turn an Instagram Post into an NFT?

Now you may be wondering if you can turn one of your amazing Instagram posts into an NFT. Lucky for you, this is entirely possible, but you will likely need a service or third-party app in order to do so.

Or you could essentially screenshot it and mint it on a platform like Rarible or OpenSea. Just be aware that minting an NFT requires a lot of energy and is not cheap. The cool thing is that these two articles will show you how to mint either for free or at a reduced amount.

  1. The 3 Cheapest Ways to Mint an NFT: Full Breakdown
  2. How To Mint an NFT for Free | Rarible Style

The following apps are either in development or are currently able to assist in turning social media into NFTs.

  • Melon
  • iNFTsta 
  • BlogtoNFT
  • GitGallery
  • CocoNFT

And of course, you will also need a cryptocurrency wallet (here are 9 to choose from), so it’s advised you set this up in advance but make sure the particular wallet you choose is easily compatible with the platform you want to use to sell your NFT. 

Artwork by Beeple
Artwork by the legendary Beeple on his Instagram account.

Legal Problems?

There is one problem with turning an Instagram post into an NFT. While it is yours to sell the rights to, remember that while it is posted on the app, the pesky user agreement also states that the image partially belongs to Instagram. 

Currently, Instagram doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the legal aspect of turning an Instagram post into an NFT, but there’s a chance that something could happen in the future. 

Not to mention that turning an Instagram post into an NFT doesn’t stop people from sharing the original post; thus, many buyers may be uninterested in buying your NFT. Unless, of course, you own a few famous photos or are famous yourself.

If you do decide to turn an Instagram post into an NFT, be sure it is a 100% original photo and that you are the one who took the image as it is the original photographer who owns the rights to the image, even if you appear in it. NFT Copyright law is no joke, and it’s easy to get sued.

The same idea applies to turning a Facebook post into an NFT.

Final Thoughts

Buying your first NFT can be exciting, but before you rush over to post it on Instagram to show the world, it’s important to consider the implications of doing so. 

If you ultimately decide not to post your NFT, not to worry, as there are many other places online where they can be posted. And for those that decide to create their own NFTs using your Instagram posts, just be sure you own the image before going through the process. The NFT world and future look bright; good luck out there!

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