Walgreens is a common store with a little bit of everything. Many stores offer copy services that allow you to make high-quality copies of documents and other print materials. But can you take your film posters in and make high-quality copies? 

Technically, Walgreens has the technology to make high-quality copies of your film and movie posters. However, there are many laws protecting the use and copying of copyrighted materials like film and movie posters. If you want to make copies, you’ll need to ensure you have permission or your use qualifies as fair use. 

If you want to ensure you’re legally making copies of movie posters, keep on reading! 

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that I am not a legal professional or authorized to give legal advice. We recommend you seek a licensed legal professional if you need legal counseling. 

Does Walgreens Offer Printing Services? 

Walgreens offers various printing services that include poster size and quality. They also provide several printing services that allow you to make high-quality document copies. Some Walgreens also provide notary services so that you can make an official original copy. 

Walgreens document services allow users to create an online account and upload their documents virtually. However, to make a copy of a physical document or image, you must scan it or bring the original to a local store. 

The most efficient way to have your copies made is with the one-hour photo app for your phone. You upload your images to the app, select the plan you want, and wait about an hour for the work to be finished.  I believe Walmart also has a similar app…just in case you don’t live near Walgreens.

You can choose any size between 4X4 to 16X20. A 4X4 is relatively cheap, costing only $.39, but this would be too small for a poster-size copy. The most common movie poster sizes are explained in this post Top 5 Movie Poster Sizes with Templates & Dimensions.


Is it Legal to Make Copies of Movie Posters At Walgreens? 

It is illegal to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials. Most Walgreens staff are trained to avoid committing copyright fraud and what they can and can’t make copies of for clients. If you wish to make copies of copyrighted material, ensure it’s under fair use or have written permission. 

Movie posters are protected by copyright law. Copyright law protects the ownership of creative and intellectual property. Movie posters are the protected intellectual property of movie studios with exclusive rights over their use or production. 

Promotional posters are usually given to theaters to advertise an upcoming film. Copies of movie posters can only be made by authorized third parties granted permission from the studio. Otherwise, there is such a thing as fair use of movie posters and other copyrighted material. 

Fair use allows people to use copyrighted material for specific purposes, including the following: 

  • Reviews
  • News reporting
  • Criticism (such as literary criticism) 
  • Satire
  • Other protected used 

However, it isn’t easy to demonstrate fair use at a Walgreens copier. If you go to Walgreens and request copies for the above reasons, you might need to present some form of proof. 

If you work at a paper, blog, or YouTube channel and need to make a copy for work, consider bringing proof of how you’ll use it. There’s no guarantee they’ll make the copy because if they suspect the reproduction violates any laws, they can refuse to do it.

Finally, if the copyright has expired, you should be allowed to use and copy them. Most films made before 1978 have an older copyright regulation than films made after 1978. Not all movies made before this date are in the public domain. 

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How Can You Get Permission to Make Copies of Movie Posters at Walgreens? 

Requesting permission from the copyright holder is the best way to use or make copies of movie posters legally. Before you make a copy, contact the movie studio or distribution company to see if they’ll approve you making copies at Walgreens. If there seem to be any legal issues, the store can refuse to give you service. 

According to several people claiming to work at Walgreens, some stores don’t enforce these rules. Others make people sign a waiver, taking full responsibility for their copy and any potential copyright infringement. 

Even if this is the case for your local Walgreens, it doesn’t mean you should go and make a copy. Copyright infringement is still illegal and can cost you a lot in legal fees, fines, and possible jail time. 

To avoid this, you should ask permission to use or make copies of the poster. You can find copyright records on the U.S. Copyright database or check the image or credits on the poster

Write to the owners and request permission to make a personal copy for private use. Bring the written consent to Walgreens with you to demonstrate have permission to make and use the copy. 

If you want to dive even deeper into the subject of requesting copyrights, you will find this article extremely helpful; How To Get Copyright Permissions For Your Fan Art Movie Posters.

What Are Other Ways to Legally Print Movie Posters at Walgreens?

Other than getting permission, you can only make movie poster copies if the copyright expires or if it qualifies as fair use.

You can search the U.S. copyright database to see who owns the copyright and whether it has expired or not. If you’re making a copy for a reason justified under fair use, then you won’t have to ask permission. 

Can You Print Movie Images or Other Media Copies at Walgreens to Sell?

You can only print copies of movie posters to sell if it qualifies as a parody or if the copyright is in the public domain. Fan art isn’t automatically protected use, so you should be careful when making copies or copies of fan art. Getting permission from the copyright owner to make copies to sell is the best way to make copies to sell. 

Some people like to make copies of movie posters to sell as fan art, reproductions, or fan-made t-shirts. An appellate court ruled that it’s okay to use old movie images on shirts of canvas prints.

However, the image can’t utilize protected quotes from the movie and only applies to old movies where the copyright has expired. 

In fact, you will find this article informative when it comes to fan art, Is Fan Art Plagiarism? How To Safely Sell Your Artwork!

The best way to sell film posters legally is to make a deal with the film or production company. Most production studios are willing to make deals with companies seeking to sell their merchandise as long as they get a cut. 

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Closing Thoughts

Making film poster copies at local copier shops like Walgreens is a tricky legal question. Generally, it’s against the law to make unauthorized copies of film and movie posters or memorabilia. 

However, there are some legal ways to make copies. We hope this article helps you navigate this difficult terrain and keeps you out of any potential issues!

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