The world of NFTs is quickly growing in popularity, and you may have heard them mentioned before. People can make their artwork, music, and poetry into an NFT and sell them on the digital market, but what about a logo?

Like artwork, a logo is a designed piece of art that you have created, so it can also be sold on the digital market for cryptocurrency. A logo is digital art you have made and thus falls under the “art” category for NFTs.

If you are new to the NFT world, you should know a few things if you are interested in selling your logo as an NFT. Continue reading to learn about these tips and tricks.

Can You Turn A Logo Into An NFT?

Yes. Yout can turn a logo into an NFT, and actually, it is pretty simple compared to other types of NFTs. A logo is simple to make, and you don’t need to put a lot of hours into creating one.

Remember that logos are just another form of art, and art is a popular seller for an NFT. Generally speaking, they are easier to make compared to animated 3D renderings and won’t take as much of your time, so you can put up even more pieces to sell than other forms of NFTs.

Copyright Issues

First off, I’m not an attorney, and the following is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, hire an attorney. These are opinions and examples and should not be construed as legal advice.

Here are a few copyright issues that should be looked at. Let’s say you want to create a spinning 3D image of the Nike logo and sell it. Chances are, Nike isn’t going to be cool with that and will most likely want to pursue a legal challenge against you.

The bottom line is don’t steal other people’s or companies’ work and try to turn a profit off of it.

The other thing you should consider is that if you are selling a unique logo, then the buyer may want to reproduce it and use it for their company. You need to be specific in what you are selling. Are you selling all the rights to the logo where the buyer can do whatever they desire with it? Or are you just selling an NFT without the rights of reproduction?

Many people also ask what they can do with a piece of NFT art they buy. Can they make physical copies and sell them? Usually not as discussed here.

Example of the Rarible NFT Selling Platform

Are Logos Easy To Sell As An NFT?

In general, NFTs are not easy to sell, especially if you do not have a large following. However, the market for logos is quite broad and varied. This is because logos can be simple, and new companies require logos for their businesses. 

Perhaps, you could create a logo but make it 3D and animated. You have now made an exciting logo that may catch the eye of a business owner who is also collecting NFTs.

The cool thing is that if your logo is animated, it will be shown in animated on the site it is being sold on.

How To Sell My NFT

You have now chosen to sell an NFT. Great! But you will have to complete a few steps before you can start putting your logos on the market. Here are the steps you need to take before you get to selling:

  • Understand the costs
  • Choose a platform to sell on
  • Create your accounts
  • Set up a wallet
  • Connect your wallet and add crypto funds
  • Create (mint) the NFT
  • Start selling

Understand The Costs

You are interested in selling an NFT, but you need to understand there are a few upfront costs before you can start earning money. You have to pay for gas fees, and although they can be pretty expensive, this is usually a one-time upfront fee per NFT being created.

Gas fees can be anywhere from a few dollars to up to $700, assuming you are using the most popular blockchain for NFTs, Ethereum. You do not have to continue paying these fees after your NFT has been created, but they are a large chunk of change. However, gas fees will arise when you transfer or destroy (burn) NFTs.

Let’s not forget about the selling fees. Each platform you sell on will charge a selling fee usually based on a percentage of what your NFT sells for. For example, if you sell your NFT for $500 and the platform charges you a 2% selling fee, you need to take out that $10 from your potential profit.

Some platforms may not require as high fees, but they may not have as much traffic as others. You just need to research to see what you are willing to pay and what you want from the marketplace.

Choose A Platform To Sell On

If you decide to pay the fees, you will need to find a platform to sell on. You can choose from many platforms, and there are many more popping up, but ensure you are going with a reputable marketplace. Some popular platforms without hefty application requirements are:

Many other platforms may have specific buying groups. You can find marketplaces that specialize in a particular sport or particular brands. There is even a marketplace created for NBA and WNBA NFTs! So many options!

Create Your Accounts

You can choose one marketplace, or you can select several. Many of these platforms have a wide variety of buyers so that you won’t be without a buyer, but if you want to increase your chances, you can open an account with many platforms.

Once you create your account with all your information, you will verify your identity. This should only take a few minutes. 

Set Up A Wallet

You will then need to set up a crypto NFT wallet to get paid and pay for any of the fees. There are many out there, but here are the most popular ones:

I go into way more detail about some of the top NFT wallets out there in this article: Top 9 Crypto Wallets to Buy and Collect NFT Art.

Depending on the wallet, you can connect either a credit card to your wallet or attach it to your bank account. Either way, this allows you to buy cryptocurrency to purchase items or receive cryptocurrency from a buyer.

Connect Your Wallet

Once your wallet is set up, you can now connect your wallet to your marketplace. You won’t create or sell any NFT on their websites until you do this step.

This ensures that you can pay for any fees and that they can pay you for the products sold.

The cool thing is that most wallets will allow you to add your wallet to your browser, and whenever you get to your platform, it will connect your wallet. This is also the idea behind Web3, where you use crypto wallets for commerce, making it difficult for the techno overlords to track our personal data.

Create (Mint) The NFT

Assuming you have already designed your logo or logos, you are now ready to mint them and turn your digital asset into an NFT.

In a nutshell, all you do is upload your logo (PNG, JPG, GIF files will work) to the platform and hit a button that says “mint.” The minting process takes a few minutes, depending on the traffic.

Oh yeah, you can apply a royalty fee percentage, meaning that whenever your NFT is sold in the future between different buyers and sellers, you get a commission. I speak in more detail of NFT royalties here.

Before you do mint your NFT, you will want to read these two articles to learn when and how to mint NFTs at lower costs (trust me, the 5 minutes it takes to read may save you hundreds of dollars in crypto):

  1. The 3 Cheapest Ways to Mint an NFT: Full Breakdown
  2. How To Sell NFTs Without Gas Fees (or less) | Complete Guide

Be sure you wrote an accurate description of your NFT, as anything that has been minted can not be changed in the future.

Start Selling

Now you can publish your NFT to be sold on their website. It is similar to selling a real-world product like eBay or, but it is your digital creation. Be foreword that selling NFTs is not easy as expressed in this popular article:

Now, ensure that you look at artwork and logos similar to yours to see what price you should put on your work. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also don’t want to overcharge.

This part can be difficult, especially if it is your first time, so doing this research will help you eyeball the price you should sell your work for. I went ahead and created a pricing guide here which should help you out.

If you are having trouble finding buyers for your NFT, then you will need to investigate the ways to market to the NFT world. It is a lot different than you think, and this guide is specific to this world. It’s one of the most popular articles on this site.


NFTs are the process of selling your creations digitally. Your designs can include logos, but you don’t have to stop there. You can sell your written works like poems, artwork, memes, music, and animated images as well. You just need to convert them into an NFT and then sell them. There are endless possibilities!

And speaking of possibilities. We here believe NFTs are just starting up and that the future looks bright. If you are curious about this new web3 future and what’s in store, you may find this helpful article: