Posters are great communication tools whether you are advertising a yard sale, a prom, or a community concert. Unlike decades past, creating a poster with a wide marker on the whiteboard no longer cuts it. You are now competing with professional-looking posters done on a computer. 

Fortunately, there is easy help for you to do the same, even from your smartphone. You need to look at the top 11 Google apps you need for making posters. Using an app to create a poster will give your project a clean, polished look that will draw people to notice it. 

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However, if you are in a bind for time and really want to get some fun designs out into the world these apps should do the trick!

1. Poster Maker

Poster Maker is the number one Google app for creating promotional material. First, it’s easy to use. All you have to do is select the background and pick the ratio. You can then add text, stickers, and pictures to create your poster.

This app has a wealth of features, including a vast background collection, poster design fonts for texts, and stickers that were created with posters in mind. You can save your work on an SD card and share it with all your social media. 

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2. Canva

Many put Canva as a top pick because it works for making posters but can be used for other things like video, collages, graphics, and logos. It is currently a trending application on Google Play, and some tech experts rank it as number 1 for best poster-making apps.

Canva is a highly creative app that has different templates for people to use. This allows those who have never made a poster with an app before to get a head start in the process since they don’t have to develop a design. There are numerous templates for posters, flyers, social media posts, and invitations. 

The only thing a user has to do to create a poster with Canva is to edit and add tests to photos. You can adjust elements like size, position, color, and spacing. 

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3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is ranked number one by many for use on both Android and iOS phones. It helps those without any design or graphic experience produce stunning posters. It also has tools to make banners. 

With this app, you pick the layout and add other elements like text and photos. Several other features, like text effects, design filters, and engaging layouts, are included. It is versatile and can also be used to create memes, social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, and profile covers. 

One advantage Adobe Spark has over other apps is that it is also internet-ready so that you can sync your data to the cloud and access it anytime from any device. You can also share your work immediately on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

4. Desygner

This popular poster-making app has a great, easy-to-use editor that helps you create terrific graphics. It has more than 1 million layouts and integrates royalty-free images that you can use in all your posters. It guides you through the graphic building process to add effects, photos, and text, change the alignment, or to make changes.

Desygner can be used for other things besides posters, including banners, YouTube thumbnails, blog post images, business cards, EBook covers, Google ads, and email campaigns.

Its versatility also reaches into projects like resumes and photo collages. 

5. Flyermaker

Although the name indicates this app is for making flyers, Flyermaker is also a good one to select for creating posters, banners, or graphic designs. It is available for both iOS and Android and starts you on your project with 5000 graphic design templates. 

All templates are customizable with photos, text, stickers, and effects. One unique aspect of this app is that you can create multiple layers to your project with added shapes, pictures, texts, and colors to make your poster unlike any other. 

6. VanillaPen

This poster maker is different because it can easily use your social media posts to create posters. With this app, there are more than 200 poster templates that can be customized to suit your need by simply changing the text, photo, and background. 

Vanilla Pen has 86 fonts, 360 design choices, text and artwork options for you to use. You can easily edit your work by moving it, cropping, changing the color, resizing, and more. Then, you can share your high-resolution poster on social media or have it printed. 

7. ThingLink

Educators love ThingLink because it creates interactive visuals that are excellent for classrooms. This app allows you to add links, notes, images, and even YouTube videos to your posters. 

You can add interactive tags or use a picture from your Android phone. Poster makers can add links with previews and share their posters in emails or on social media. 

8. Poster Lab

This app has customizable templates that help you produce classy posters and banners. There are three types of templates as choices including minimal, stylish, and classic. You make them your own by adding pictures.

However, you can’t completely change the text. You can adjust a few lines, but that’s it. Even so, it’s an excellent app for creating a poster on the go with minimal effort.

9. Poster Maker by Cute Wallpapers Studio

This Poster Maker is perfect for those who want to create a poster from scratch but lack all the knowledge to honestly do it all on their own. Poster Maker by Cute Wallpapers Studio has templates that you can use as reference markers and then add effects, image backgrounds, text, stickers, and colors. It has options to install elements to create a unique look for any of your projects. 

10. Poster Maker by Stylish App World

Stylish App World created its Poster Maker app specifically for posters, flyers, banners, and cards. You can pick the right size for your project and get a template that fits perfectly in one click, so there is no guessing and no resizing. 

This app helps produce beautiful posters that look good on both social media and in print. Poster Maker by Stylish App World can also be used to create photo frames. 

Poster Maker

11. Poster Maker by Z Mobile Apps

This is a highly effective tool that can create an incredibly visual poster in seconds. This all-in-one poster creator app has more than 120 background choices that you can customize to the proper size ratio. 

It is perfect for promotional posters, announcements, banners, and cover photos that you need quickly. It has some excellent backgrounds, effects, stickers, textures, and fonts. 


Creating a poster could be a challenge for someone not familiar with how to do it. It could also be a daunting project thrust upon you by a committee or work team. However, getting to know the Top 11 Google apps you need for making posters could be your saving grace. 

With any of these apps, you can quickly create a top-notch poster that requires little effort but shows a mountain of creativity. That will be impressive to others whether you are using it in a classroom, to promote an event, or for a work announcement. These will be the apps you will use in multiple ways to add an extra something special to any project.

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