There are little things more human than romanticizing the past. But I mean, is there anything more aesthetic than vintage clothes and vintage furniture? Maybe vintage movie posters.

Posters have been a thing ever since advertisement started being a thing. There used to be lithographic printings advertising all kinds of products and shows.

Still, as time went by, most business niches moved on to advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV… except for the film industry.

Movie posters are an inherent part of the industry; they are a big part of what makes cinemas what they are. They are part of the experience of going to the movie theater and also a part of what it means to be a cinephile. 

Vintoz Movie Posters


People love collecting posters, and while now producers close huge contracts with distributors and printers, and it’s effortless for everyone to get a poster of the latest blockbuster in the local freaky store, it wasn’t always like that.

In the 20th century, even when printing became cheaper, there weren’t generally more than two or three thousand prints of the same movie poster in existence.

That, my friends, calls to mind the market concept of scarcity, and where there are scarce objects of design, there are collectors.

The most beautiful and interesting posters to collect are the vintage ones, the ones made in the last century, right up to the ‘80s.

You may be asking yourself if it is super expensive to do so? The answer is not at all, or at least not necessarily. You can get original vintage movie posters starting from 20 or 30 dollars, so you could certainly start upgrading your walls right now.

But where can you buy them online?

The difficult part of buying movie posters of any decade, but especially the vintage ones, is that it’s not easy to determine if they are original or not.

That is where comes in handy because it’s already recognized and trusted by the collectors of the higher leagues (there are movie posters that cost quite a few thousand, you know).

They sell authentic posters and original prints only, so you can trust they will not mislead you into buying a copy.

How can you tell?

Because Vintoz not only sells vintage posters with global shipping but also issues a Certificate of Authenticity for every poster: a document that verifies that said poster has been confirmed as an original by a professional poster restaurateur or expert.

This might not sound important if your goal is simply to decorate your home, but it is always good to know, given that -like any other collectible objects- vintage posters have potential resale value.

The website also offers a professional poster restoration service and linen backing that can help you keep your collection at its best. 

They offer about a thousand historic posters from anywhere between the ‘20s and the present. Most posters are in English, but they also sell them in other languages, such as German, French, or Japanese (how cool would it be to have a James Bond poster written in Japanese, huh?).

James Bond Poster

The posters can belong to multiple movie genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance, or of course, the classic Western.

They even have a special section that focuses on Asia, with posters from China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Vietnam.

And the website wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include some beloved movie stars too, so you can look specifically for posters that portray Bruce Lee, Sean Connery, John Wayne, or Charlton Heston.

Some gems of their collection even have a high artistic and historical value, as they were designed by renowned graphic designers and illustrators such as Saul Bass and Reynold Brown, who happen to be in our list of Top 11 Film & Movie Poster Artists (Of All Time).

Vintoz is an online market varied enough to offer a vintage poster to everyone: to the experienced collectors looking to make an investment? Sure.

But also to regular people who just love movies and vintage decor or shop owners who want to give their business a timeless vibe.

You can scroll down through their collection of posters from the 1900s onwards and get lost in a time when life was simpler, but designing movie posters was as much of an art form as it is now.