Metamask is a company that works closely with NFT powerhouse OpenSea to store and purchase non-fungible tokens. The Metamask platform is an excellent way to make purchases, but what about viewing NFTs? Why can’t you see your NFTs in Metamask?

You can’t see your NFTs in Metamask, but with the Metamask Application, you can view all of your precious art. This is because the coding inside the standard desktop version of Metamask was built to store and buy tokens, not display them.

The company is working towards introducing the code that will allow users to view their collections on their desktops. Still, until then, the only way to view your horde of tokens is to use the Metamask application.

Why Can’t You See Your NFTs in Metamask?

One of the biggest let-downs for Metamask is that you cannot view your NFTs under the collection tab. The way the UI started was to buy and mint NFTs. As the market has exploded and the collectors want to show off their goods, the Metamask platform has been left behind.

Upgrades, in general, are always on the way, and Metamask is no different. With the new application updates, you can check your collection from your phone or tablet. Until then, there is no way to view the NFT on the main UI until they create patches to make it work or upgrade to a newer version.

Viewing Your NFT with the Metamask App is Your Best Bet.

If you can’t wait around for the upgrades to hit the next version of Metamask, logging into the app will be the only way to view them with Metamask. The application works best on phones or tablets, and every NFT should be located in the collections tab.

The steps to link your Metamask app with your account are:

  • Open the App – Opening the app is the first step in getting your accounts linked. Often, apps need refreshing or restarting after installation. Metamask will work as soon as it can open. You might have to do a hard close on your device if not.
  • Find the Browser – By clicking the three solid lines on the top left, you can open a drop-down menu that has a link to the browser. The browser can be used like any other web exploring application.
  • Go to Mintable or Other Compatable NFT platform – Once the browser is open, you should navigate to The site will load on its own, and there could be a bit of a delay depending on your phone type and service.
  • Log In – One of the great things about Metamask is that your app will automatically load all your information once you log into the web page. This is a nifty idea and makes trading and viewing your NFTs very simple.

The best thing about the Metamask app is how easy it is to set up. By logging in and having the app on your device, you will log in automatically. This saves tons of hassle in creating elaborate passwords that you could forget.

I do want to mention that there are other online platforms to show off your NFT collection. I listed the top spots in this article: 8 Best Online Places to Show Off Your NFT Art.

Meta Mask Display

How to View your NFT with the Metamask App

While there isn’t a way to view your non-fungibles with the Metamask desktop version, viewing on the app is much easier. The app will only display a small image, but the image can be projected onto any type of screen or solid-colored wall surface. Keep in mind some companies make displays just for NFTs; that could be the answer to your problems.

The steps to view your NFT on the Metamask app are:

  • Open the App – Open the application on your device. Make sure you aren’t running any other applications that could soak up computing speed. For example, some tokens cloud contain music or video that could impact a device with several open applications or games.
  • Click the Menu – There will be a series of three lines on the app’s top bar. These lines are the menu. You will see several options on the menu, but you should click on the collection tab.
  • Refresh the App – Once you get into the collection area, refresh the app. This allows some extra time to pick up any transactions that might have occurred since you last used the application.
  • Click and View – Once the app is refreshed, you should be able to click and view the NFTs at your leisure. Remember that the tokens could take up lots of space, and viewing them on a device could soak up the memory.

Metamask’s app is a great place to view your NFTs. There are lots of people who have elaborate galleries for their collections, complete with large viewing displays and moving videos. These screens would be nothing without the power of the Metamask app.

Best Ways for Viewing NFTs

The good news is that if you want to keep the compatibility of Metamask while still viewing your precious collection of non-fungible tokens, there are tons of apps and displays out there to let you peruse your catalog as often as you please. Remember that a pleasant showing can raise a collection’s worth.

A few ways that people view and display their non-fungible token collections are:

  • Meural (Amazon Link) – One of the most exciting ways to display your art is with a Meural digital canvas. These digital screens bring layers to your collection, like artist info and even up-to-the-minute updates on value.
  • TokenFrame – TokenFrame is a company built on the back of Alphabet Inc., the owners of Google, and has developed an app that pairs with their displays to create a unique viewing experience.
  • Infinite Objects – Infinite Objects takes viewing your non-fungibles to the next level with their moving displays. These smaller picture frame style screens are excellent for moving and animated GIF NFTs.

Viewing your collection outside of Metamask is an easy process. The biggest hurdle is deciding how you want it to be displayed. Other options keep the collection private. Some folks believe that art should only be treasured by the owners. In addition, some apps work well with Metamask as display options.

Token Fram NFT
Photo of the high-quality Tokenframe


The Metamask desktop application doesn’t have a way to view your NFTs. The application has a link through the collection tab to gander at whatever groovy non-fungible you want to see. Metamask could introduce upgrades in the future, but there are no plans to make viewing a feature on the desktop.

There are ways to view your collection that don’t involve the Metamask application. There are interactive screens and digital canvases that make your collection pop. Shopping around for the perfect screen is tons of fun and brings the wow factor. If you want to step up your NFT game, you need to add screens to your home!

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