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We are some of the top art directors, artists and creatives in the art and design business ranging from Movie Posters, Entertainment Marketing, NFTs and Crypto Art Collecting!  This website is intended to teach, inspire and motivate you to become a successful art entrepreneur.  

Do you love movies? TV shows?  Do you have a creative side and want to create art that represents and helps sell movies and TV shows?  Then perhaps you may want to get involved in the Entertainment Marketing Industry.  This is the industry that provides all the poster art and marketing materials for the movie studios.  

Yep, us Art Directors and Designers make compelling posters for companies like Warner Brothers, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Universal and pretty much anything within Hollywood and around the world.

Art and design are major components of marketing campaigns for all movies and TV shows.  They all compete for eyeballs and money.

Each movie is unique and requires its own thought provoking and recognizable poster to represent it.  The marketing and posters behind them are crucial for success.

That’s where you come in!  If you are a creative type with an eye for a good crop, understand color theory or love typography then this could be your calling.

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Moving The Industry Forward

We have been Interns, Junior Designers, Senior Designers, Art Directors and Creative Directors.  We now want to provide a source of education that can help move the future generations of designers forward…quickly.

So, ready to learn?  Our website is dedicated to sharing and teaching what we know about the movie poster business and entertainment marketing industry.

We want to teach you the essential of poster design and what it takes to get your foot in the door and hired.  Our team of art directors lead by Andy Storey are in the process of creating the #1 online school for poster art.  

If this is a career path you are interested in then we highly advise you to sign up to our newsletter as you will be notified when our online class is ready.  These classes are taught by actual art directors and creatives in this industry, not some art school professor without real world experience.

Global Opportunities

Movies and TV shows are released in every major city around the world.  Even though a majority of poster art business is conducted in Los Angeles and New York City doesn’t mean you have to live there..

In fact, there are agencies that create marketing materials and posters in every major city and market.  We are talking India, the UK, Brazil, China, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Spain just to name a few.

If you don’t live in the United States it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved within the movie poster industry.  Every country makes their own movies and shows and they all need marketing material!


The cool thing is that this website is run by artist, art director, NFT creator and collector, Andy Storey.  That’s right I have my hand in a lot of different projects and my goal is to share what I know pertaining to all the creative endeavors I’m involved with.  

I’ve got you covered from Movie Posters to NFTs.  One way or the other you’re going to learn something here and hopefully it motivates you to take your artistic career to the next level.  

Oh yeah, feel free to check out my NFT projects with KAMP Collective.  I have art available on Foundation App and Rarible.


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