Successful NFTs tend to be novel ideas, birthed from creativity and touched with uniqueness. Tokens that are sought after express cultural views and versatility, and they come from passionate, authentic artists with a strong presence.

The term “success” is subjective, but meeting these qualities can help you find success in all areas. They may not be as straightforward as you like, but such is the course of art in any form.

If you are entirely new to NFT art, then go here first to get caught up to speed, and if you are unfamiliar with the costs associated with NFTs and the minting process, then go here.

11. Novelty

Because the NFT pool is so shallow compared to other markets, now is the time to put out wholly new work. This is the perfect time to create your own space and fill it up with works that represent you.

Does this mean that successful NFTs are plucked out of thin air? Of course not.

The key is to look for inspiration all around you, but do not get so swept up in finding something to build onto or off of. 

This also applies to your “medium.” While people first think of NFTs as digital artwork, the possibilities for non-fungible tokens exceed that. Now you can find NFTs in the form of tweets, music, virtual worlds, poems, and so much more.

In fact, if you are a musician, this article should help get you started.

10. Creativity

Building on top of finding something new, successful NFTs are birthed from creativity. NFTs themself have broken through the box of what was perceived, and by pushing through those boundaries, you can create something great.

Push your creative boundaries to explore new art styles and formats. This is much easier if you acknowledge the lack of limitations on what you create and fight to keep an open mind.

You should not limit yourself when creating art. Creativity is best when it is unbridled, and as you brainstorm and work on your piece, try not to tell yourself no.

Instead, look at each idea and ask yourself, “how can I do this?” This motivating article on skillsets should also help you out.

Paul Jackson NFT
NFT Created by Paul Jackson

9. Story

Integrating a story into your work helps with a few things. Humanity was built on stories, so it only makes sense to look for them in our everyday lives. NFTs with stories help fulfill this need.

The story helps your audience connect to the piece. This boosts things like popularity and worth, but it also ensures that your piece is a topic for conversation.

The story might be what is happening in the piece, but you can also explain the story that inspired or laid the foundation for the NFT.

Tie multiple pieces together with a story, and watch your audience go crazy to piece them all together.

8. Rarity

Playing into the human “fear of missing out” can do a lot to boost the success of your NFT. Although anyone can own a copy of the NFT, there is something about being a unique owner of a piece.

Create NFTs that are part of a set or limited edition. For example, an NFT that is only one out of 25 will be more sought. This is even more evident when you have one unique item.

This is the space that Beeple’s $69 million piece Everydays: The First 5000 Days, a collage of the artist’s other artwork. The artwork itself is one of a kind, but such a large-scale collage is incredibly rare. You will not often find a piece constructed with such consistent dedication.

I even have an NFT piece that I did with Kamp Collective that is a part of a series that can be found here on Rarible.

NFT Created by SMECCEA

7. Concept

NFTs that function inside certain concepts have a better chance of success than those that stand alone. 

For the most part, a concept can be defined as a general idea. With NFTs, this can be a specific theme that multiple pieces follow, something that constructs a piece that is bigger than just one token.

Collections are a great example of how conceptualizing works. When you create a collection, there is an inherent desire to own as many pieces as possible, even if you do not necessarily like every piece in the collection.

You can also add abstract details to the NFT, like easter eggs or hidden messages, which will fuel the piece’s success.

6. Desirability

There are many different ways you can make an NFT more desirable, most of which are elaborated on in their own section in this article. An NFT with no desire will not find success, so learn what it will take for your work to be sought after.

This has a lot to do with your personal brand, but you can play into desirability even without a presence.

Work backward. Look for the desire, and then look for ways you can take up that space. It is essential to do this without violating any other qualifiers of success, like authenticity, but the opportunities are out there.

Desirability seems to increase most authentically when you work on other factors first.

Plus, understanding this concept can also help if you intend to collect NFTs.

5. Culture

An NFT that fits into the current cultural climate will have more success than one that is off the wall. Culture helps link it to conversations and people; it keeps the piece relevant regardless of its format.

Culture might be as broad as what is trendy at the time, but you can also work with specific cultural groups. Even if your audience is smaller than it was previously, success in one specific community can weigh more than the success you had with a general audience.

Reflect on your personal culture before tying this into your work. A culture that is appropriated or inauthentic will do more harm than good.

4. Versatility

NFTs do not need to be an image or a piece of digital art any longer. Choose a format or style that provides more than visual appeal, and your piece will bring more to the table.

Try to create something that people can either benefit from or use.

Some examples of NFT types that go above and beyond include:

  • Avatars/profile pictures
  • Games, along with in-game assets
  • Virtual worlds
  • Music
  • Memes
  • Sports & Memorabilia

While all of these are tokens that can be observed, they serve the audience beyond visual appeal. Profile pictures connect the owner to the piece. In-game assets that are controllable by the owner bring a bit more reality to gaming. 

Based Fish Mafia
NFT Created by Based Fish Mafia

3. Presence

Establishing a presence is somehow the easiest and most challenging thing to do, but it is essential for success.

On one hand, your presence grows from who you are already, so you do not need to brainstorm to find a starting point. The issue comes when you try to figure out how and where you should grow.

You can create a brand specifically for your NFTs, or you can tie your NFT artwork into your personal brand. Either way, getting online and creating social media pages will help you friend your audience.

If you are comfortable enough, you can also create your own website. This gives you more freedom in how you display your art and communicate.

You should also find forums that tie into your niche. These are not necessarily NFT forums but more of a space where you can talk about and share your art. Forums will help you connect with others and find a community that was once out of your reach.

Establish a role as an authority in the area by guest-starring on podcasts and blogs. If you cannot seem to make this happen, then it might be time to think about starting your own.

The point is to connect with your audience. Having a presence is what separates you from artists that are simply names attached to art.

2. Consistency

Part of building your presence is consistency. If you only post or interact every once in a while, there is no reason for your audience to trust you.

Likewise, if you do not seem to have a consistent mindset regarding your NFT, then your audience will care less about it. A successful NFT should have a background of support that is cultivated by consistency. Not only do you need to check in regularly to get excited, but you should share enough to get your community excited as well.

Consistently producing NFTs helps you build a reputation as well. Even if you are not proud of your first toke, keep moving forward. You will learn so much more about yourself, and you will pick up an entire community along the way.

1. Authenticity

There is little work than work that blatantly lacks authenticity. Even if you did not copy another piece, general ideas are easy to pick up on.

Artistry is scary, especially when you see others being successful and have doubts about yourself, but keeping true to yourself is what spawns a successful NFT. People can usually sniff out inauthenticity, and they will avoid inauthentic works in favor of those birthed from passion.

Authenticity also helps you love what you do. Staying true to yourself helps you stay motivated, catalyzes creativity, and helps you maintain a consistent schedule.

One other aspect worth considering is copyright. Yes, there have been several NFTs on the market that infringes on the creativity of others. Read this article to understand what is at stake.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to make an NFT that sells well or one that makes you feel better about yourself, the keys to success involve bolstering creativity and preserving your connection to your art. Everything else stems from these two factors, and once you master these qualities, you will end up with a piece you are beyond proud of.

You will also need to get the word out, which is half the battle. So dive into this article on NFT Promotion and execute the suggested steps. Now go out and make it happen!