Blockchain technology is growing and thriving across the world. Many people are looking towards gardening as a futuristic source of community and income… but not traditional gardening. This guide includes the Digital Flower NFT and the Crypto Garden Community explained to give you all you need to know about blockchain gardening today.

What are NFTs?

Before we get into the garden community, you’ll need to be familiar with NFTs. NFTs, standing for non-fungible tokens, are a relatively newer form of a digital asset. These digital assets can be drawings, music, art, or anything else that is digitized. Digital flowers are one example.

NFTs can be sold, bought, and even created through NFT processes, such as crypto gardening. Their prices can vary, much like a stock, due to supply and demand and a host of other factors.

All NFTs are unique and used on blockchain technology, primarily through Ethereum. Think of your unique digital flower NFT as a Mona Lisa; while millions of people may take a picture with it or see it in the community, there is only one original with one owner.

Digital Flower NFTs

Digital Flower NFTs are digital flowers on blockchain technology that are treated like real-life flowers. Each one has a unique appearance and only belongs to one person. They can be bought or “grown” through a crypto garden community site.

While each Digital Flower NFT is special, they are typically split into three categories: common, uncommon/valuable, and rare. Digital Flower NFTs often have their own set of abilities, strengths, or weaknesses, which may affect how they grow and perform certain tasks within the garden community.

Since these flowers are digital, you won’t need to actually own any land, dirt, or water to maintain them, but you will need their digital equivalents. This digital land, dirt, water, etc. can be purchased through your crypto e-wallet. Other times, they may be won through certain processes, such as games, events, or actions on the crypto garden community site.

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NFT Digital Flowers
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How to get a Digital Flower NFT

You may be able to purchase a Digital Flower NFT using cryptocurrency, or you may have the opportunity to grow one yourself. This can be done through a crypto garden community online.

First, you’ll have to create an account within the crypto garden community. Then, you’ll connect your crypto e-wallet to your crypto garden account. Some popular crypto e-wallet examples in the U.S. include Coinbase and MetaMask.

If you’re purchasing your NFT, the common flowers are the cheapest, and the rare flowers are the most expensive. If you’re able to grow a seed, you may only see which type of flower you get once it fully matures, and you won’t have a say in which it is. Most crypto garden communities will let you re-sell your Digital Flower NFT if you prefer.

Each crypto community garden has its set of rules around growing a Digital Flower NFT from a seed. The seed itself may be purchased, or you might exchange a different token or coin for it. These tokens or coins are given for participating in the garden community.

The Crypto Garden Community explained

We’ve mentioned that you should purchase your Digital Flower NFTs through a crypto garden community website. This community typically encompasses an NFT videogame. This site is also likely to have thousands, if not millions (growing every day), of other players.

You’ll start by making your account and connecting your crypto e-wallet, as we mentioned above. Then, you’ll either buy your first Digital Flower NFT or acquire a seed to grow into one.

Some NFT garden videogames allow you to complete tasks to get a seed. These may include helping other players tend to their gardens by watering their NFTs or other gardening tasks.

Once you have your own Digital Flower NFT, you’ll need to maintain it as you would a real plant. Some features you might use are watering cans, scarecrows, greenhouses, etc. Some community gardens may also have continuously changing weather that affects each NFT differently on different days.

Each community will have its processes, tasks, and ways to win. You may win tokens or a coin that is specific to that community that you can also pull out to your e-wallet and exchange for your country’s currency.

This system creates a digital economy within the community, offering opportunities to increase your investments within your garden and pull out money when deemed necessary.

Players also form chat groups, participate in forums, and rise to new challenges presented by the site as it continues to grow.

Check out for more information, as they have a fantastic FAQ that can potentially answer most questions.

NFT FLowers

Why invest in Digital Flower NFTs?

Now that you’ve digested Digital Flower NFT and the Crypto Garden Community explained, you’re probably wondering if it’s for you.

The first reason to get a Digital Flower NFT is for its value. NFTs have skyrocketed in both popularity and possibility over the last year. People are using NFT videogames and communities to create digital economies.

But don’t get it twisted, many people have lost tons of money, and of course, this is not financial advice!

These economies include thousands of users who participate with their cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for your country’s currency and used for physical purchases in the non-digital world. Through the buying and selling of flowers and gardening materials, participants are earning real money and participating in a complex and invigorating society.

Be aware each country has rules and different taxes. You will need to investigate the specifics!

Not only can you make money, but the crypto garden community is just that – a community. You will meet, connect with people worldwide, and work together to grow and protect your unique community garden.

Players will also be able to complete varying gardening tasks, maintaining their plants while growing their digital income. Finally, you will get to play a pivotal role in the growing NFT culture of the future.

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