Those looking to get in on the NFT art collecting world need to be sure that the wallets they are using to buy and secure their non-fungible tokens are as locked down, as safe, and as reliable as possible.

The last thing you want to worry about our cybercriminals swiping your NFT (one featuring the first Tweet from Jack Dorsey sold for $3 million) right out from underneath you – and that’s only going to be possible with a reliable wallet that protects your investment.

Below we run through six of the best crypto wallets on the market today, the kinds of crypto wallets that not only help you to keep your NFT secure but also help you transact these digital pieces of art too.

And speaking of the actual NFT art…if you are new to the game, you will want to start with our articles, NFT art for beginners and How To Collect Digital NFT Crypto Art | The Guide.

Otherwise, let’s jump right in!

First, what are Crypto Wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets allow you to store different crypto assets in one place. They allow you to receive further assets and to buy things with the assets you do have. With the recent explosion of NFT purchases, wallets also allow you to store your NFT art after it’s been minted or purchased. 

Curious about the crazy cost of minting NFTs and why it’s so expensive, then check out this article, “How Much It Costs to Mint an NFT.”

The wallet doesn’t actually hold the assets in a digital version of a bank account. It just holds the information on where your assets are on the blockchain.

What crypto wallets do is easily allow you to buy things with whatever crypto assets you own and receive payments, as the wallet will give the sender a unique cryptographic address. 

Beeple Crypto Punk
Artwork by Beeple

Top Crypto Wallets for Buying and Collecting NFT Art

1. Alpha Wallet

Alpha Wallet is one of the most popular Ethereum wallet/marketplace platforms for this particular cryptocurrency, and everything else created on its blockchain – which includes NFTs.

Made for both iOS and Android devices specifically, you can also use Alpha Wallet through your web browser. The mobile experience, however, is a whole lot more enjoyable.

The thing that really helps to separate Alpha Wallet from the rest of the pack when it comes to collecting NFTs, though, is that there’s a whole segment of this wallet designed specifically for these collectibles.

Alpha Wallet supports all crypto tokens and games, allows you to add meta-tags to your crypto tokens for easier searching and organizing, and has top-tier security you’ll be able to trust implicitly.

2. Trust Wallet

Not quite as pretty as Alpha Wallet, Trust Wallet is still an excellent crypto solution for those that want to protect any NFT investments they have made – as well as those that want to wheel and deal with these digital art investments, too.

Lightweight, lightning-fast, and incredibly secure, the Trust Wallet user interface is a little more utilitarian and somewhat bland, but it still gets the job done.

The beautiful thing about this platform is the support for multiple different cryptocurrencies (not just Ethereum), helping to make it a more flexible and versatile wallet solution for those not just interested in NFTs but cryptocurrency in general.

3. Math Wallet

Describing itself as the “Gateway to the Blockchain World,” Math Wallet has one huge competitive advantage that no other wallet in the industry has – and that’s backing by Binance Labs and Alameda Research.

You won’t just find it really easy to secure and lock down your NFT purchases with this fantastic crypto wallet; you will also have an easy time transacting NFTs, cryptocurrency in general, and other digital assets as well.

Full native support for multiple blockchain’s, a spotless user interface, and full cross-device compatibility and synchronization guarantees that your wallet always stays up-to-date but is backed up with redundancies to protect your investments, too.

4. Pillar

At first blush, Pillar might look a little too simple or a little too minimalist to be useful – but that would be a huge mistake to make.

Under the hood of this immaculate, modern user interface is a fantastically sophisticated crypto wallet with some features you won’t find anywhere else.

Most of these features work to “gamify” the world of crypto and NFT in particular. Some see them as gimmicks, but others really appreciate the work done by the developers to help folks build even deeper connections with their digital investments in cryptocurrency and nonfungible tokens.

The no-loss lottery, the badge system, and the social network side of Pillar are really innovative options you won’t find elsewhere, too.

5. Enjin

Enjin is not just a great crypto wallet but a full-blown crypto marketplace as well. Those serious about security and safety will want to zero in on this platform more than any other.

For starters, crypto collecting (of NFTs as well as other assets) and crypto transactions across a variety of different blockchains are made really simple and straightforward through this marketplace with full native support.

Blockchain gaming is easily accessible, too, and there’s even built-in QR code support to pick up different blockchain assets “in the wild” with a lot less headache and hassle.

The thing that really makes Enjin special, though, is the dual-factor encryption, ARM instructions, and its very own native keyboard that secures and locks down this environment more than maybe anything else out there.

If you want to keep your NFT safe, this is the way to go!

6. MetaMask

Not that long ago, we would have had a callous time recommending this particular wallet for serious cryptocurrency and NFT investors, if only because the platform “lived” exclusively through a Chrome browser extension.

Today, however, that’s no longer the case. MetaMask is less restricted!

The developers have been working hard behind the scenes to move their Chrome browser capabilities into dedicated iOS and Android applications. They have absolutely hit a homerun here.

The app is slick, lightweight, and super easy to use. It has fantastic encryption capabilities (providing a key vault and multiple secure login options). It includes one of the best token exchange and token wallet options for all digital assets – not just NFTs – on the planet today.

7. Coinbase Wallet

Possibly the best wallet for newbies and beginners. Coinbase allows you to send and receive with usernames rather than public wallet addresses which can be a little confusing to start with. Using usernames makes it more like sending a PayPal transaction, which most people are more familiar with. 

It supports all the main crypto main players like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and of course ERC-20 tokens. 

It is a user-friendly mobile app, where you hold your own assets rather than Coinbase Consumer, which you must trust to hold your keys for you. At no point with the Coinbase Wallet do you lose the rights to your digital assets. 

8. Argent

Argent has all the tools and experience cryptocurrency user needs to trade NFTs with ease. However, it is purposely designed to have a very low barrier of entry for beginners. 

The mission statement of Argent is to bring the benefits of currency decentralization to the masses. So, if you were lucky enough to be sent some Bitcoin as a gift, you could spend that on a piece of Beeple digital art within minutes with no prior experience. 

Best of all… transactions are free.  

They are primarily a mobile phone-based company, and that is unlikely to change. So, if you like using a desktop, then there are other Wallets you should choose from, but many people usually use their wallets via a phone nowadays. 

9. Guarda Wallet

Whatever you prefer working on, the Guarda wallet will be available to you. It is on iOS, Android, Chrome. You can store over 45 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero XMR, and Dash. 

You can also store thousands of tokens, so you can buy as many NFTs of cats yawning as you want!


Closing Thoughts

We may be in the infancy of the cryptocurrency revolution and are certainly in the very early days of the NFT art collecting era.

Still, there are already some incredible tools engineered to help people jump right in with both feet – not only purchasing and selling NFTs but protecting them in their own secure wallets as well.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the nine NFT wallets we highlighted above, crypto wallets that go far beyond just helping you dip your toe in the NFT pool.

And perhaps you want to add your own NFT artwork to the pool. If that’s the case then start with this post on “How To Become An NFT Digital Artist.”

And if you need to learn how to create digital artwork, our YouTube channel is where it’s at. We have a library full of free digital art tutorials.

Good luck out there!