Film movie posters are highly sought after by film fans and collectors. Originally, movie producers made them to emphasize the film’s cinematic appearance and production. Today we usually use them for marketing and promotional material for movie releases! 

We put together this article to help you find the best places to see and admire film posters. From ComiCon to Anime-Next to exquisite art displays, you can find various places to see classical and modern movie posters! 

What is the Purpose of a Film Poster Convention? 

Most conventions serve as a gathering place for enthusiasts and collectors. Film poster conventions are no different since they bring movie and art lovers together. Some of the most popular conventions for movie posters include ComiCon and other convention centers. 

In 1725 the very first Paris Salon, or Salon de Paris, was held in the Palace of the Louvre. Most experts consider this one of the first official artistic displays for the public. While this was long before the first film poster was created, it’s an example of artistic expression and appreciation. 

Conventions are an extension of this old gathering place. While the format and setting have changed, the purpose and intentions remain basically the same. Today, we share our passions and admire art in various convention centers. 

Film conventions are a gathering place for avid film watchers and lovers of the creator’s artistic talents. While there aren’t any specifically dedicated to movie posters, several conventions boast poster displays. 

Some of the most popular include: 

  • ComiCon 
  • Horror Con 
  • Anime Conventions 
  • Monster Mania 

We’ll dive a little deeper into these individual groups in later sections. But each group specializes in a specific genre and caters to individual preferences. There’s something there for everyone, no matter their film preferences. 

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Where Are Film Posters Commonly Displayed? 

The most popular spot for seeing film posters is in the movie theaters. This is the most entertaining part of waiting to watch the movie and is a powerful marketing tool.

Other places to see movie posters include film displays, conventions, and art centers, such as museums. 

Film posters are designed to be seen and admired and, of course, sell tickets. Their creation aims to bring up emotions and responses from the onlookers. 

They were first used back in the 1890s. The French film L’Arroseur Arrosé has the very first movie poster ever created. Oddly enough, for us today, the film mainly depicted filmgoers rather than the film itself. 

Creators proudly displayed this poster in theaters where the film was being released. This set a future precedent for movie posters to appear in theaters to help hype the movie’s overall reception. 

Original movie posters were not an advertisement for the film story but an ad for cinematic production. These images later became small marketing clips at the start of movies. These clips were known as nickelodeons and evolved into film trailers throughout the 1900s.

Many of these posters now rest in museums and are occasionally put on display. Art galleries and temporary art displays at conventions are great places to see classical movie posters. 

Modern posters are typically displayed in movie theaters and on billboards. At times original film release posters are given as gifts to people at the theaters.

Film Convention

What Can You Expect at a Film Poster Convention? 

There are no specific film poster conventions, but most people admire the collections at ComiCon. Most movies on display will include action, sci-fi, and other niche movie franchises. This means you can expect mostly younger people to attend casually dressed or dressed in costume. 

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into the different kinds of places you go to see movie posters. First, let’s discuss fan conventions. The best one for seeing action film posters is ComiCon. 

ComiCon is held in San Diego, and there is also one in New York. This convention partners with the biggest film studios and has featured many blockbusters and action movies like:

  • Spider-man
  • Batman
  • Thor  
  • Loki 
  • Other Marvel and DC movies

You may also expect to see posters for movies such as Star Wars and other Sci-Fi fantasy films. TV shows are a popular item on display in these centers, and you can also expect to see Star Trek and Dr. Who. 

Other fan-centered conventions you may see collections of classic movie posters include: 

Anime conventions are usually only for fans of the Japanese franchise of cartoons. However, they also make some of their own films in this style. 

These include films from production studios like Ghibli. You might spot some classical film posters for movies like Totoro, Kiki’s Special Delivery Service, and other classical children’s films. 

Horror movie conventions are pretty popular for people who enjoy being spooked periodically. These conventions are usually held around Halloween. But there are a few held year-round for true lovers of the genre. 

You’ll likely have to visit museums and art displays to see classic movie posters.

If you’re hoping to gaze upon some classics, like Singing in the Rain or Miracle of 31st Street, check out local art exhibits or Museums! Exhibitions, such as the Palm Beach Florida exhibit, display film posters from the early to mid-1900s. 


Where Are Film Poster Conventions Usually Held? 

Where these conventions are held is typically determined by the type of movie posters you’re seeking. Most conventions are held in convention centers, colleges, or other public spaces.

Museums and art shows are great places to see more historical posters, but usually, only large cities have such displays. 

New York City and other parts of the Tristate area are some of the best sites for conventions. These cities host some of the largest conventions yearly, with Spring and Summer being the best seasons. 

New Jersey is home to several ComiCon events, including Nerd Fest and several comic-book shows. New York hosts similar events, with one of the largest ComiCons scheduled for October of this year

Some large art galleries and museums are also in these cities. Additionally, NYC has the New York Film Festival, where you can see some of the latest art and marketing displays. 

Where Can You Buy Vintage Posters? 

Most ComiCons and other fan conventions have sellers’ rooms with vendors. These sellers create and sell personalized, handmade fan art and official movie posters. Art displays and museums sometimes have gift rooms with themed products so that you might find some movie posters and memorabilia. 

Some online sellers offer finely created movie posters. The Vintage Poster, Cinemasterpieces, and have excellent collections readily available for buyers. 

However, if you’re hoping to support small businesses, convention centers are the way to go. Spend time in the seller’s rooms and find the piece of art that speaks to you the most.

Some of these sellers also have online shops if you don’t bring enough money to get everything you want. 

film poster

Closing Thoughts

While, unfortunately, there aren’t any exclusive movie poster conventions, there are places to see movie art! Check out your local ComiCon, art exhibits, and film festivals to see the best displays. 

We hope this list helps you find the best place to display and see great movie art! 


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