Congrats! You’ve officially minted some NFTs. But maybe just after you finished, you realized that the NFT isn’t quite what you wanted. NFTs are digital; therefore, they contain metadata that defines them. So can you change this metadata?

The short answer is while it is possible to change the metadata of an NFT after it is minted, this process can be pretty complicated and challenging to execute. You will need a deep understanding of NFTs and blockchain technology in order to do so. 

Desperate to change the metadata of your NFT? Keep reading to find out how you can do it. 

Why Would You Want to Change NFT Metadata?

First and foremost, you may be wondering what situation would call for you to change the metadata of an NFT. While this isn’t common in the NFT art world, this is a necessary process in the NFT gaming world.

Often, premium pieces in video games are NFTs. These can be weapons, special moves, and even outfits. The thing is, as cool as these things are, they may get less cool over time.

There is also the possibility that the game changes, and the NFT is no longer useful like it used to be.

When this is the case, the creator of the NFT may need to update the metadata of the NFT to keep the item as being cool and desired in the game. 

There is also the possibility that an error may occur during the NFT minting process. When this happens, the creator of the NFT may need to change the metadata to fix the error.

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How to Change the Metadata of an NFT?

To change the metadata of an NFT, you will need a deep understanding of computer science and how blockchain technology works. You’ll start by going into the code of the NFT and changing the metadata URI

From there, the process differs depending on how your NFT is made and its specific purpose. Changing a game NFT is much different than changing an art NFT. You’ll likely want to consult someone in the space to help you with the process if you are not familiar with blockchain technology. 

Here are the basic steps to changing the metadata of your NFT:

  • Go to
  • Locate the transaction of your NFT
  • Click the Contract tab
  • Click Read Contract
  • Find the token URI
  • Enter your NFT’s token ID in the provided box
  • This will display the properties of the NFT in a string of letters and numbers, copy and paste this into your browser.
  • This will take you to the page where you can edit the metadata of your NFT

Once you are there, this is where you will need coding knowledge in order to make the changes you desire to the metadata of your NFT. Do note that if your NFT is a video, gif, or other moving image, it will take a few additional steps to change. 

NFT Metadata

Is it Bad to Change the Metadata of an NFT?

Changing the metadata of an NFT isn’t always advised because part of the purpose of NFTs is that they are rare. When you change the metadata of an NFT, you may be destroying the rarity aspect of the NFT and the whole reason it was considered “collectible.”

This is why you generally will not change the metadata of a rare piece of NFT art, as this can destroy its value. Think of it as painting on top of the Mona Lisa to fix her smile; it would destroy the value of the painting. Basically, a collector now has a reason not to buy it.

On the other hand, however, if your NFT is a piece for a video game, updating the metadata as the game changes may be necessary. These NFTs are also more likely to experience bugs once they are in play. For this reason, it is not bad at all to change the metadata of these types of NFTs.

Thus it is up to you if you decide to change the metadata of your NFT. Just be sure you are aware of all the implications and issues which could result before you begin making changes to your NFT. 

NFT Metadata

What if the NFTs Have Already Been Sold?

Say you have created a video game weapon NFT and have already sold all the NFTs to players before realizing there was a bug. What do you do now? The good news is, even if NFTs are in buyers’ crypto and NFT wallets, you can still change the metadata.

NFTs, while technically stored in users’ wallets, are always connected back to the blockchain, like Ethereum, which is the most widely used when it comes to NFTs. This means that when you make changes to the metadata on the blockchain, it will automatically update the NFTs in users’ wallets.

Therefore video game NFT developers don’t have to stress when they need to change the metadata of their NFT. 

What Data Can’t Be Changed About an NFT?

Like anything else in life, there are a few things on an NFT that simply can’t be changed. 

The things that can’t be changed about an NFT are its token ID and the contact address, as this is how your NFT is located on the blockchain. While the function of the NFT can be changed, if you want to change any of the above things, you’re better off burning (destroying) it and minting a whole new NFT. 

But as you probably know, minting an NFT is not cheap, so be sure you try to minimize your mistakes. If you are going to mint again, here are a few articles that will show you how to do it for a lot less or even free.

And remember, changing the metadata of your NFT could change its value, so it’s a good idea to discuss the process with someone you trust to give you good advice before you begin.  

Final Thoughts

No matter what the reason, if you have found yourself needing to change an NFT you’ve minted, not to worry, as it can be done. Be aware, however, that the process is not simple, and you will likely need some coding experience to make the changes you desire. 

Whether the NFT is in your wallet or the wallets of others, you will still be able to make some changes to the NFT metadata. If you are making significant changes, you are probably better off just making a whole new NFT to avoid any confusion or devaluation of your art. 

Either way, if you have read this article, you are most likely going to be a part of the DeFi revolution. If you need some optimism and education, I highly suggest reading these two viral articles:

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